I  scribble , dribble and doodle.

I sculpt in clay for bronzing; paint anything under the sun; write children’s stories and illustrate them. I read a lot.

When I’m not in the studio covered in paint; working on a new picture story; doodling cartoons, or reading; I reluctantly go to the gym. Or travel to far-off places. With no gyms.

I once lived in a rainforest.

Once upon a time I worked as an engineer on secret projects. And also underground in a gold mine.

I have a lot of Neanderthal DNA. Relatively speaking.

I can wiggle my ears.

I have two cats.

See some of my art.

See some of my scribbles:

Michdevilish Studio

The artist is in! Shine your yellow search light on area of interest and click to find some secrets…






M(isch)ion Statement

Timeous Tittle-Tattle

Reception area (pictures courtesy V. Trieloff)

Should you find yourself in Toronto, do check out a collection of fifteen of my paintings and sculptures on show in ‘A Seat at the Table’ in the offices of TEWealth. Copies of The Whistle Thorn Tree will also be available.

Plucky Pheasantries